Highlights of Mick McCarthy’s appearance on Sky Sports’ “Goals on Sunday” today:


Ever the entertaining and informative raconteur, new (returning) Republic of Ireland senior international football manager Mick McCarthy didn’t disappoint today in his appearance on Sky Sports’ “Goals on Sunday”.

Here are some of my highlights from Mick’s appearance:

“Nothing made me prouder than playing for Ireland,” – Mick on Ireland.

“I was never, ever going to turn it down,” – Mick on taking the Ireland manager’s job again.

“I had a very good meeting with Declan Rice during the week but it’s not up to me to get him to play for Ireland. The signs are looking good though,” – Mick on the Declan Rice situation.

“He’s done exceptionally well, in the League of Ireland with Dundalk, when they’ve qualified for Europe, he’s had success there as well,” – Mick on Stephen Kenny.

“Let’s call him ‘Dave’ will we?!!” – Mick on Chelsea full-back César Azpilicueta!

“Mark Little. He left the club after that,” – Mick McCarthy watching archive footage of him being soaked with champagne by (then) Wolves’ right-back Mark Little, when the Wolves’ squad and management were celebrating promotion to the Premier League at the end of the 2008-’09 Championship season!!

“Every time I’d play Manchester United, afterwards Sir Alex would be in his office and say: ‘Mick, come in, sit down. Have a glass of red. Unlucky!’ I thought ‘Unlucky’ was the name of the wine, but that day (Mick’s Wolves had just beaten United 2-1 in the Premier League in 2011), Alex was in my office after the game. He said to me: ‘Mick, come in, sit down, have a glass of red, you lucky bastard!’,” – Mick on his favorite match in the Premier League, beating a previously unbeaten (that Premier League season) champions Manchester United at Molineux back in February 2011.

“‘Could you go out the back door? There’s Ipswich fans waiting to throw beer and bottles at you,’ A policeman told me after a match at Brentford. So I said: ‘No, I’m going out the front door.’ And the copper replied: ‘Please, can you go out the back door because it’s going to affect us as well’. After everything we had achieved on a limited budget, that was just too much,” – Mick McCarthy on the final straw after receiving 18 months’ of abuse at Ipswich (who are now bottom of the Championship!)

“When I was at Wolves, they said we might get into the Europa League through the Fair Play League, we had come to the last game of the season. I said: ‘If we’ve got any chance of getting into the Europa League through the Fair Play League, I’m going to chin the ref in the dressing room!!'” – Mick on his lack of desire to have his then club (Wolves) play in the Europa League (due to lack of squad size/depth of his club)!

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