Niall Quinn head of group who will outline League of Ireland funding this month:

Niall Quinn has said he expects to officially outline his proposals for attracting new funding for League of Ireland clubs to the FAI before the end of the month with the 92-times capped ex-Republic of Ireland striker still convinced that the mix of people he has assembled has the potential to make a major impact on the professional game in Ireland.

Having initially suggested that he preferred to further progress things before sitting down with the FAI, Quinn has now had two meetings with FAI Competitions Director Fran Gavin which, he says, have been positive.

“I would imagine that in a couple of weeks we will have written to the FAI, that we will have sent something to them about what we regard to be possible,” said Quinn on Friday.

“We had a second meeting with Fran (Gavin) that went very well. Now it’s up to us to package our possibilities and if they are of value to them then we will be very happy for them to go to the clubs with them; we can’t go directly to them, they have enough going on.

“We do want to demystify it for the clubs, though. I understand that for most people this all still looks like a bit of mystery. But we are not demanding anything here, we don’t want to bring the clubs anywhere that they do not want to go; we are just trying to talk about the art of the possible: ‘This is what the situation is here, we think we could help with that. This is the position there; we think we could help with that’.

“We want to make it clear that we don’t want to rain on their party, we just have some good people who might be able to make things better and we would like to put in place an ecosystem that the government would support. The idea would be to have good community buy in at every club and good systems in place.”

There is a clear sense from the 52 year-old that things have evolved slightly since he first raised the notion of working to do something for the league.

Quinn went on to say: “There are good people involved. And we feel that if it what we are proposing is presented in the right way, the FAI will be happy to bring it to the clubs. The people involved just want to know that it is something of interest. If it is they are happy to put the work into it.”

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