IFAB announce a number of changes to football’s rules:

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A number of rule changes have been announced to coincide with the start of the 2019-’20 season following the 133rd annual meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in Scotland yesterday.

Some of the main changes have been detailed below:

When a goalkeeper distributes the ball at goal kicks. Previously a goal kick had to travel outside of the penalty area but now a goalkeeper’s teammate can be in the box. However, the moment a goalkeeper touches the ball to pass it, the attacking player can enter the penalty area.

Substitutions have been altered also. In an effort to eradicate time wasting, players being substituted off will be required to leave the field at the nearest dead ball line.

Players will now also not be allowed to directly interfere with the wall at a free kick and will need to keep a distance of one metre between themselves and the wall.

At penalties, goalkeepers will now be allowed to have just one foot on the goal-line opposed to two.

Managers and coaches will now be able to be yellow and/or red carded rather than being sent straight to the stands with no cards issued, so as to aid clarification to those watching.

The IFAB will also provide a more detailed and precise description of what constitutes a handball, particularly when it comes to accidental/non-deliberate handball incidents. Also, a goal will be disallowed whether or not the player “scoring” the goal has been deemed to have handled the ball accidentally or not.

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