My favorite football moment of 2016-’17

With the new 2017-’18 football season about to start across most of Europe’s winter leagues, I thought I’d consider my favorite football related moment from 2016-’17.
With the club on the brink of liquidation, wages not having been paid in over a month and the club struggling for form and results, Morecambe FC manager Jim Bentley was sent to the stands for an altercation with the referee and fourth official during a match. The FA slapped Bentley with a £1,000 fine.
Morecambe fans got together and arranged to collect the money to pay the fine for Jim, who has been at the club for some 15 years. Here is his reaction at being told the news of the fans getting together to pay his fine. I think it’s worth a watch even if you’re not a football fan.

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